Sarah Long, an American born artist, laughs at the unlikely worldview that energizes her art. Inspired by Parisian cafés, Rocky Mountain naturalism, and an enchanted imagination, Ms. Long is most recently enamored with the petite form of metal clay sculptures that create her original jewelry lines.

This bi-continental mother and 3D artist splits her time between Paris, France, and Hailey, Idaho and began her long art career in Monterey, California. Sarah began by studying jewelry design, and explains that her current work is a culmination of her twenty-year career as a sculptor. While she continues to work in a variety of mediums, her most recent artistic endeavor is a jewelry collection for both wearer and charity.

Sarah’s wearable art reveals a light whimsy draped in royal influences and her timeless subjects include honeybees, birds, crowns, and the classic fleur de lis. She works each individually designed custom piece until she has achieved a harmony of soft femininity and bold individuality.  

For modern buyers, jewelry is a significant communication. Finding a style that speaks for you is no small feat. Once a woman discovers her designer, she wants more. To address this need, Sarah has created small, original collections of custom pieces that are dedicated to both the wearer and to a charity. Purchasing a distinctive piece of jewelry in an ongoing way means a win-win for accessorizing and furthering the causes of sponsored charities.

Sarah describes her jewelry as an abstract mystery fired into bronze, gold and silver treasures. Recently she was invited to present a set of bronze relief wall tiles to the Board of Directors of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. She has also shown her art at Frog Hollow, the main gallery of the Vermont State Craft Center. Whether you find her in Paris, France, or Hailey, Idaho, you’ll find her caring for her husband Vincent and two children Bella and Dash, while creating unique pieces with personality and spirit.